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About Ordering

The items that you see in The Shop at are all available for purchase. Items with an Add to Cart button below it can be purchased immediately. With a click they can be added to your Cart and bought right away by going directly to CheckOut. (Click the View Cart button any time to see what you have added.) The item in the photo is the Actual Item that you will receive!
Also view & buy my Tie-Dyes on Etsy :

When there's no Add to Cart button below an item you want, simply Request It thru email or phone call. Take note of the description below the item (this will help us identify it). Let me know the Size you want. I will make a similar design for you. (Note: No two tie-dyes are identical.) Likewise, if you see a design you like that's not in your size, Request It. Special orders are no problem - be as specific as you like. You might wanna take a look at the list of things I dye, below, to get an some ideas. Make contact with me and let me know what I can dye for you! - Call or text me: 609-972-6006

Paying for your order on my site is fast & secure thru PayPal. It's easy to use, and you do not need an account with PayPal to use the service. When you are finished shopping, click View Cart and go to CheckOut. You will be directed to PayPal automatically to complete your payment. All Major Credit Cards Are Accepted. If you'd prefer to pay with check or money-order, just let me know via phone or email, and I will take care of your order personally.
(Checks must clear before I ship your stuff.)

Once you have contacted me and I know your order, I will email a PayPal Invoice to you. Or, if you choose, you may mail payment with check or money-order payable to
"Adam Maiale"
204 West 13th Avenue
North Wildwood, NJ
08260 USA

I like to use USPS Priority 2-3-Day Mail. In general, the cost is $5 for the first two items and $1 for each additional item. I will let you know when your order is ready to ship.
I'm currently doing Free Shipping on orders $25 & up!

The last step in the dyeing process is very important: The Washout. I wash every piece several times in hot soapy water to get out the excess dye particles that could potentially bleed or muddy up the piece later on. Each piece is completely clean and free from loose dye. The colors will not fade, even after many washings.
FOR FUTURE WASHINGS: Wash tie-dyes with other dark clothes using cold water. Remove promptly when cycle is finished. Air-Drying is best to keep the fabric in good condition longer. Machine drying is fine, just don't cook it. Dry it most of the way, then hang it up. Softener is OK.
NOTE: Avoid letting the tie-dye sit too long with other clothes in washing machine after cycle is complete. Colors transferring to other clothes is uncommon, but if it were to happen, this would be the most likely time for it to occur. Remove clothes promptly, and dry as usual.

THE DYE : I use Procion Fiber Reactive Dyes for everything I dye. Procion bonds to any natural fibers (Cotton, Silk, Rayon, Wool). It's colorfast and permanent and will never run or bleed. As I mentioned above, each piece is washed many times (until the water runs clear) before I consider it Finished! Often I give the material a pre-wash as well.

THE CANVAS : Whatever I choose as my canvas to dye my design on, it's always a good quality material. Everything I dye (Tie-Dyes or WaxWorx) starts off totally white. When it is a wallhanging or tapestry, the edges are hemmed, and often a loop is sewn on top so that a rod can be put through it for easy hanging. I use only quality brand name clothing. (For instance, the Tees I use are Heavyweight Hanes.)

THE DESIGNS : I work on each piece individually. I fine-tune these designs over the years; although, they are always evolving, and sometimes into a completely different design. I enjoy doing my designs, and each one inspires the next. The nature of tie-dye can be random & chaotic, and there's an unpredictable quality about it. That's what makes the art of tie-dye unique. I don't want full control, I just want to steer the chaos in a certain direction. If I like something that I see in a design, I'll try to remember the technique I used to create it & use it again later on, and if I see something that I don't like, I'll try to avoid that in the future. Once the piece is completed, I sign my Adz logo on it, on the left sleeve if it's a shirt.

Here's a list of popular garments & items that I dye.
Prices vary on some items depending on the difficulty of the design.
String Designs are $5 to $10 more.
Check out what's available at
The Shop.


Tees - Heavy Weight 100% Cotton(S-XL) $25-35, (2X & 3X) $30-40
4X Tees or "Cover-Ups" $35
Long Sleeved Shirts (S-XL) $30-40, (2X) $35-45
Mens Tank Top (S-XL) $25
Henley 3-Button, Short Sleeve (S-XL) $35, (2X) $40
Henley 3-Button, Long Sleeve (S-XL) $40, (2X) $45
Sport Shirts, 3-Button w/Collar (S-XL) $30, (2X) $35
Sport Shirts, 3-Button w/Collar, Long-Sleeved (S-XL) $35, (2X) $40
Sweatshirts, 9 oz. Fleece (S-XL) $50, (2X) $55, (3X) $55
Zip-Neck Sweatshirts, 9 oz. Fleece (S-XL) $50, (2X) $55
Thermal Long Sleeved Shirt (S-XL) $30
Maui Shirt, light weight button-down Short sleeve (S-XL) $35


Ladies Fitted Rib-Knit Short Sleeve w/ Scoop-Neck (S-L) $25-35
Ladies Fitted Rib-Knit Long Sleeve w/Scoop-Neck (S-L) $30-40
Ladies Tank Top (S-L) $25
Ladies Fitted Rib-Knit Tank Top (S-L) $25
Ladies Crop Tank (S-L) $20
Sleeveless Dress (S-XL) $50
Sleeveless Long Dress (S-XL) $60
Sarong / Wrap, 5' x 4' 100% Rayon $25+


Tees (S-L) $17
Long Sleeve Shirts (S-L) $20
Cotton Leggings (2T,4T,6,8,10,12) $25
Play Dress (S-L) $25
Baby Onezies (all sizes) $17


Drawstring Pants, light-weight cotton w/ 4 pockets (S-XL) $38
Tights, Cotton/Lycra (S-XL) $30, (2X) $35
Thermal Long Underwear (S-XL) $25
Shorts (S-XL) $25, (2X) $30
Boxers (S-XL)$10
G-Strings or Thongs (5,6,7,8) $8


Bed Sets: Twin $100, Full $125, Queen $135, King $145
Tapestries, 100% Rayon Wallhanging (4 x 5 ft) $35-60
Bandanas (22" x 22")$6
Socks $12
Gloves, stretchy knit, fit most hands $12
Laundry Bags (22" x 36") $20


Sports Teams & Group Uniforms
Custom Painted Tapestries & Wallhangings
I'll Dye Your White Clothing
Bulk Fabric Discounts For Your Projects

Call or text me: 609-972-6006, or shoot me an email