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U.S.A. Collection:
A September 11th Tribute

In the days following 9/11, I was pretty much in a fog. Due to all of the requests I was getting for red, white & blue tie-dyes, I dyed up an assortment of R, W & B pieces and put together this tribute page - a percentage of these sales went to the Red Cross.

(please, click each image to enlarge it)

'Eagle' on Longsleeve

'Mandala' w/red bkground

'Cousin' Tee

'Pleat' Tee

'Spiral' Tee

'Spider' Tee

'Fractle' Tapestry/Sarong
100% Rayon (5' x 4')

'Blue Heart' Longsleeve

Ladies Fitted 'Spider'

Kids 'Spiral' & 'Pleat' Designs

Bandanas (22" x 22")

Shorty's Tribute, an airbrush painting

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