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Washing My Tie-Dyes


Here's where I keep some archive photos of my artwork.
The categories below focus on my different types of work and the techniques I use to create them.
Please click on & explore them at your leisure.

The Tie-Dyes

Designs I've made by folding, pleating, twisting, and crunching
the fabric.

String Designs

Also Tie-Dye, but in a more literal sense Tie-Dye. For these I use tight string to tie in the design, giving them their unique look!


This is my version of Batik, the old method of dyeing fabric by painting on hot wax which is used to control & resist the dye flow.

U.S.A. Collection

A series of Red, White and Blue

Other Projects

My miscellaneous art work - Painting, Carving, Block Print, Photography and More.


Collaborations with Airbrush Artist, Tattoo Shorty.
© 2009 Adam Maiale, Adz-Art Hand Dyed Originals