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In '94 I was asked to help with the production of a customized surfboard. At the time, the surfboard was being hand sculptured by Roland Surfboards in California, and the client, who requested the board, wanted tie-dye to be the outermost layer in the fiberglassing process. He looked all around for tie-dye artwork that he liked, from the West to the East, and it turn out that when he saw the artwork on my website, his search was over (or maybe I was actually the 2nd place he looked). Nevertheless, my job was to design a 9-foot piece of tie-dye. After some planning, I made a couple pieces so he could have a choice and shipping them over. There the tie-dyed fabric was cut and put into position, and a final layer of UV resin was applied over all. Click on the photo to enlarge it. Check out how they make the surfboards at the Roland Surfboards website.

This is the first mural I've done with charcoal & pastels. Drawn directly on the wall of Jon's apartment, it is a variation on a Michelangelo sketch called 'Uffizi'. Done by the grid method to help me with perspective, I enlarged it exactly 5X the size of the original I worked from, making the finished piece 46.25" tall by 36.25" wide. It consists of 268.25 squares 2.5 inches each. Usually when a grid drawing is worked on, the lines are erased or covered up; I decided to emphasize them, and I even changed the colors of some of the squares to give them a cube-ish pixel-like twist. After its completion, I drew a frame around it; the basic look of the frame I took from something else in the apartment. Please click to see up close

"Uffizi on Jon's Wall"

This is my latest acrylic on canvas painting (finished 9/2000). This 14" x 18" painting I call "The Shell Painting" - not to be confused with "The Shell" Waxworx (the Batik version seen over on WaxWorx). However, I did use it as a model because the person who commissioned me to paint it wanted it "just like the Waxworx version". Click on the shell to see it BIGGER.

I always liked the idea of carving wood. Back in December '97 the opportunity to do some came my way when I was given a set of woodcarving tools & some nice pieces of walnut. After some practice with cutting and gouging wood with the tools, I started on my first piece by knocking loose stuff off of a small log to get it ready... for something. In the process, I noticed a big split going through it, which I cracked off; since this wedge of wood I knocked off the log reminded me of a feather, I started to work on it instead of the log. I figured that one difficult step in the process was over: deciding what to carve. I had in mind a quill in an inkwell type thing, and penciled in the general shape. I carved a good bit of wood off the piece before it started to look like something, and then the work became more interesting for me as I fine-tuned its look. When all the carving was done, I sanded it well. To help make the feather part seem like it was a separate piece from the inkwell part, I oiled the feather and stained the inkwell. Later a slice of the log was screwed to the bottom as a base, and that made the total height about 1 foot. Please click the image for a full-size view. "The Quill & Inkwell" .

The next addition to the Other Projects area is kind of a virtual painting. 100% mouse controlled & done through Adobe Photoshop. (Click image to enlarge.)

Here's a photo I took while at LemonwheeL, a 3-day festive w/ Phish in Limestone,Maine. I submitted it to a photo contest Phish was having along with two other photos I took at the festival. The photo came in 6th place and was posted on Phish's web site. One interesting aspect I want to point out about this photo is that 2 feet of the rock pile is all that is visible; the folks in the photo create the illusion the the rock pile is huge. I call the image
"Rock Garden" .

Next, I collaborate with Airbrush Artist, Shorty...

(This website is under construction. I'll be adding more photos. C'mon back!)

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