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String Designs

The items in this area are more literally "Tie-Dyed" since they're completely made by tying with heavy string before dyeing. These String Design Tie-Dyes are done by a process very different from what I call The Tie-Dyes. I stumbled on to this particular style of dyeing a little later on, and I think of it as my more advanced dye work. My intention here is to leave a sharp and clearly-visible string mark on the finished piece. Sometimes I keep colors separate by using the string as a barrier to resist the dye. More focused areas of design and a solid colored background are characteristic of my String Designs as opposed to the all-around designs typical of The Tie-Dyes.
Please click on the designs to see more detail.

'Geode' in Black w/ turquoise, pink...

Random string w/ pewter background

'Mandala' in Blue w/ dark green

'Geode' in Purple w/ Amethyst, indigo...

'Moon Over Water' Indigo w/ light gray & white

'Mandala' w/ Amethyst background

'Mandala' w/ Orage, red, amethyst

'Geodes' on Black background w/ red, pink, blues...

'Mardi Gras Geode' in Teal w/ yellow, green, purple

'Geode' in Indigo w/ Ice Blue, Turquoise...

'Mandala' w/ Burgundy background

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