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Fitted & Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Shirts $25-30 and Fitted Long Sleeve Shirts $30-40
Sleeveless Dresses $50 and Sleeveless Long Dresses $60
Cotton/Lycra Sports Bras $25 and 100% Rayon Sarongs/Wraps $30-40

(Size is indicated in first letters in item #, ie. S=Small, M=Medium, L=Large, XL=Extra Large, 2X=Double XL)
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LG-10 Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Shirt
'Eruption' w/ lilac, seafoam, Purple, $30

M-14 Scoop Neck Short Sleeve Shirt
'Heart' Amethyst w/ Rainbow $25

S-17 Fitted Short Sleeve Shirt
'Classic Rainbow Spiral', $25

Fitted Long Sleeve Shirts, $30-35

XL-08 Fitted Long Sleeve Shirt
'Eruption' w/ Turq, ice, forest, $30


LG-12 Fitted Long Sleeve Shirt
'Spider' in Spectrum, $35

S-04 Fitted Long Sleeve Shirt
'Mandala' String Design, in Indigo w/ amethyst, yellow $35

S-02 Fitted Long Sleeve Shirt, 'Spider' in lilac, black, mint, $30

Sleeveless Dresses, cut just above the knee, $40

XL-11 Sleeveless Dress
'Spider'(variation) w/ Hot Pink, Dark Dreen, Purple, $50


LG-09 Sleeveless Dress
'Heart' Purple w/ green, blue, pewter, $40


M-13 Sleeveless Dress
'Pleated Rainbow' $40


M-15 Sleeveless Dress
'Spider' in Forest, Amethyst, Blue, $40


S-18 Sleeveless Dress
'Spider' Purple, indigo, turquoise, burgundy $50

Sleeveless Long Dresses, cut just above the ankle, $48

LG-05 Sleeveless Long Dress
'Spider' w/ puprle, seafoam, blue, $60

M-01 Sleeveless Long Dress
'Spider' Amethyst, Purple, Wheat, $48

S-07 Sleeveless Long Dress
'Spider' w/ soft colors: teal, coral, lilac, $48


XL Sleeveless Long Dress
'Cousin' in greens... $48

Cotton/Lycra Sports Bras $25 and 100% Rayon Sarongs/Wraps $30-40

Fitted Short Sleeve Shirt
'Spider' in pink, turqu, black

in Short Sleeve $30
in Long Sleeve $35
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Cotton/Lycra Sports Bras
$25 each
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100% Rayon Sarong
5 1/2' x 3 1/2'
Burgundy, Ecru, Brown, $40

100% Rayon Sarong
(5 1/2 x 3 1/2 ft.)
Black and White, $40

Prefer it in blues? Request It.

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© 2009 Adam Maiale, Adz-Art Hand Dyed Originals