WaxWorx Available

These are the WaxWorx that I have now OR am willing to do again. They are the ones that I am most confident that I can duplicate (though, not exactly- I always like to vary them, so that all are unique in their own way). Keep in mind, I will always work with your color preference & price range (ie. These designs can all be varied in size & color combos.) I usually like to get an idea of what folks like- that helps to fine-tune the piece. (please, CLICK on each title for the photo.)

"African Mask" aprox. 5' x 2.5', $95

"Festive Fish" 2.5' long, $60

"Thunder Cloud" 3' long, $60

"Blue Moon" 3' long, $50

"Fat Ol' Sun" 3' long, $95

Doorhanging/TableRunner, Untitled, blue & white 5' long, $60

"Moon Over the Atlantic" 2.5' long, $50

"Green Bubblestep" 5' long, $80

"Blue Nautilus" 5' long, $95

Door/Table Untitled, green & white 5' long, $70

"Jug O' Sudz" 2,5'' long $80

"Dawn Patrol" 2.5' long $80

"Rose 4 Rose" 2.5' long $60

I'll let you know when there are any additions to this WAXWORX list. Working on some right now!