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String Designs

The items in this area are more literally "Tie-Dye" since they're completely made by tying with heavy string before dyeing. I decided to classify these designs separate from the other ones I do (The Tie-Dyes) because the process is so much different, therefore I call these String Designs. I stumbled on to this particular style of dyeing a little later on, and I think of it as my more advanced dyework.
My intention here is to leave a sharp and clearly-visible string mark on the finished piece. Sometimes I keep colors separate by using the string as a resist, or barrier. You can see many types of garments that I have dyed using this technique on this website.
The ideas for everything I make (dyework or not) come from things around me: the ocean, music, people, cities, nature, other art, etc. I attempt to isolate a visually interesting aspect of something and interpret it thru my own design.

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