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    Photo Gallery Lobby

    Welcome to the Lobby of my Photo Gallery!
    Here are photo archives of my various types of designs. All are hand-made originals.

    Each catagory below holds many more photos, all of which can enlarge with a click. Since these catagories are all linked together, you can surf among them. Enjoy!

    The Tie-Dyes
    These designs were made by folding,
    pleating &/or crunching the material
    then squirting on the dyes.
    Read my Intro To Tie-Dyes,
    and learn more about how I create them.
    String Designs
    For these designs I use string
    as a resist to control the flow of the dyes.
    They are more literally Tie-Dyed.

    Here's how I do them.

    These are various designs that
    I have dyed on BIG material sometimes
    as large as a king-size sheet.
    Ladies Shirts
    Here are a few tie-dyes
    on ladies shirts including
    spaghetti tanks, fitted tees & longsleeves.
    All designs that I dye
    on tees can be made on these
    Hanse Beefy-T Longsleeves as well. Here are a few.
    Bed Sets
    Get engulfed in Tie-dye! Bed sets of all color combos
    and sizes are available.
    USA Collection: A September 11th Tribute
    Here are a collection of designs
    I made shortly after 9/11,
    all of which have a Red, White & Blue theme.
    These are paintings
    I have created by useing wax to mask
    and control the dyes.
    It is an old Fiber Resist Art
    called BATIK.

    Learn more about this ancient art.

    Other Projects
    Here is an assortment of items
    I have done useing various mediums
    including woodcarving, paint on canvas,
    mural, photography... the top...