New Stuff For My E-Mail List Folks To See

(click on each item & see the photo)

-> BEDSHEETS w/navy, forest, pewter- see 'em!


-> MEN & LADIES TANKS- see 'em!

-> KID'S SHIRTS- see 'em!

-> LADIES KNIT TANKS- see 'em!

-> TEE- 'Geodes' String Design w/black background- check out this design!

-> TEE- 'Mandala' String Design w/dark purple, forest, turqu- see this!

-> LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT- 'Spider' w/greens- lo0k here!

-> LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT- 'Blue Fission'- take a gander!

-> LONG-SLEEVED SHIRT- 'Cocoon'- check it out!

-> TAPESTRY 100% rayon (5'x4')- 'Mandala' w/blues & purple- lo0k at this one!

-> TAPESTRY 100% rayon (5'x4')- 'Mandala' w/red, yel, blue- See it!

That's all 12. Hope you enjoyed seeing this new stuff!

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